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F1’s only woman driver Susie Wolff to appear in BBC documentary on her life

London, Feb 21 (ANI): Formula One female test driver Susie Wolff has announced that she will appear in a BBC documentary this spring about her life as the only woman in F1.

Susie is tipped to become the first ever woman-racing driver and the film, The Fastest Woman In The World, follows her life and career in the male-dominated sport, the Daily Mail reports.

Directed by her BAFTA-nominated brother David Stoddart, the film also features appearances from Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton and racing legend David Coulthard, the paper reported.

Susie, who is a developmental driver for the Williams F1 team, began go-karting when she was eight and now lives in Switzerland with her husband, Austrian racing driver Toto Wolff, it added.

Susie said shooting the film was one of the hardest things she has ever done, adding she is a fairly private person, so to have her brother follow her for nine months, through some pretty difficult times was a big challenge.

Meanwhile, her brother David said it was tough combining the role of documentary maker and brother, adding he had to remind himself that he was there to film Susie’s story, but during the more difficult moments his instinct as a brother kicked in, and it was challenging at times to strike the balance, but it’s a great story that needed to be told.

Other names to have driven for Williams in the past include Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and Jenson Button.

Susie said she doesn’t race to prove how good women can be against men, but she races because it’s her passion and she hope this documentary will give an insight into a very competitive world, in which she has been racing since she was a young girl.

Susie is currently the only female driver in the sport after Spaniard Maria de Villota lost her right eye in a testing crash in July 2012. (ANI)