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Bihar overtakes Gujarat, records highest annual growth among all States

Patna, Feb 21 (): In terms of   per capita income, Bihar that has been facing a low-income in the past is now showing a considerable difference by managing to record 11.95% annual growth rate, the highest among all the States, during the 11th Plan period.

According to Economic Survey, Bihar almost has remained intact except recording some slight dwindle in 2012-13, said deputy CM and finance minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Tuesday. In spite of the global economic breakdown and droop in domestic demand, the state has been successful to manage the annual growth rate which is considered to be the highest among all states, added Sushil Kumar Modi.

When compared to national average of Rs 60,972, Bihar’s per capita income of Rs 25,653 is not still adequate, claimed the deputy CM adding that the gross domestic product of Bihar in 2004-05 is likely to rise from Rs 1.52 lakh crore to Rs 2.53 lakh crore at current rates in 2011-12.

The per capita revenue in 2009-10 was : Munger with Rs 18,669, Patna with Rs 55,539 and Bhagalpur with Rs 14,396 said to be one of the wealthier districts, while Supaul (Rs 7,213), Sheohar  Rs 5,552 and Madhepura (Rs 7.161) continued to be  the lowest.

Following the high growth in economy Bihar has undergone a change in recent years, and has also recorded tremendous developments in social sectors. Due to the continuous effort taken by the state government, the target was achieved which utilized its limited resources in a prudent manner, said Modi.

According to the survey done, Bihar has proved and has shown a continuous revenue surplus since 2004-05. In agriculture sector, the state produced 172 lakh tones of cereals in 2011-12 when compared to 104 lakh tonnes in previous fiscal.

There was a rise in production of rice showing 8.2 million tonnes against 3.1 million tonnes in 2010-11.  One of the most important factors in the bumper rice production was said to be the use of ’Sri’ technique.