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Meteorite fragments found around frozen lake in Russia’s Urals region

London, Feb 18 (ANI): Meteorite fragments have been discovered around a frozen lake near Chebarkul in Russia’s Urals region, Russian scientists have revealed.

Scientists have been concentrating their search for fragments of the rock around the Lake, where a 6m (20ft) wide crater had been found following the strike on Friday, the BBC reported.

Viktor Grohovsky, of the Urals Federal University, confirmed to Russia’s Ria Novosti news agency that the particulate matters, found by their expedition in the area of lake indeed have meteorite nature and the material contains about 10 percent iron.

He added that the meteorite, which is an ordinary chondrite, is a stony meteorite containing about 10 percent of iron and is most likely to be named ‘Chebarkul meteorite’. (ANI)