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Mayawati reveals her wish of PM aspirations,supports Telagana cause

Lucknow, Feb 18, (): While addressing a rally of party workers on Sunday, former UP Chief Minister Mayawati, has come out giving a clear picture with her prime ministerial aspirations and asked her party men to ensure a big victory for BSP in the next general elections.

She also hinted her party men from getting indulged in money making policy using the influence of the party. Asking the party workers to struggle hard and obtain victory for the party Mayawati revealed her wish of delivering Independence Day speech as Prime Minister from the Red Fort soon.

 Mayawati cautioned her party men asking  to be well prepared and meet the challenges against those forces who might make attempt to corrupt them by dragging to the wrong path. She strictly warned her party men to become a salable product in the hands of the corrupted.

 Condemning the task played by both Congress and BJP who played a leading role in stopping the bill on quota in promotion for SCs/STs from being passed in the house, Mayawati claimed that the day is not far away when her party will  come to power and see that  it is put into operation.

Alleging that the Congress-led UPA government could have even filed a review petition in the Supreme Court which invalidated UP government’s desire on reservation in promotions for SC/STs, Mayawati condemned saying the Congress knowingly planned to deny the rights of the people.

Both Congress and the BJP had a big hand in planning to deny the rights to lakhs of government employees, claimed Mayawati and asked party cadre to maintain equidistant from both the parties.

Expressing pleasure by the party’s partial victory, Mayawati said that her party was successful to pass the bill in the Rajya  Sabha if not in the Lok Sabha. Talking on Telangana issue, Mayawati supported the cause and said that her party totally supports statehood to Telangana and Vidarbha.