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Vijay Nambiar, Ban-Ki-moon, Holmes hand in glove in killings of Eelam Tamils

Feb 14 () :Vijay Nambiar, Ban-Ki-moon and John Holmes were hand-in-glove in enacting the killings of Eelam Tamils,when Sri Lanka was ravaged with civil war in 2009 according to Tamil activists.

Vijay Nambiar, the Chef de Cabinet was a top UN policy maker who directed the UN actions executed on battle ground when Sri Lanka engaged in a bloody battle with the Tiger rebels, killing thousands of innocent Tamils.

Reports from the U.N. journalists say Vijay Nambiar may have played a role in White Flag killings while on a visit to Sri Lanka during the critical last months of the war; his suspected connivance in the involvement of the White Flag killings, and his disinclination neither to brief the UN Security Council nor to provide a media briefing on these killings prove his disregard for saving Eelam Tamils.

TamilNet reports that UN’s Petrie report on UN’s inaction during the last stages of the war, documents UN’s former humanitarian chief, John Holmes and Vijay Nambiar as jointly pressuring Navi Pillay of UNHCR to abstain from publishing estimated casualty figures that would put UN in to a “difficult terrain.”

The infamous and horrendous White Flag killings were enacted by the Sri Lankan Army after having provided assurances of safety to those who surrendered. Tamil Tiger leaders, Balasingham Nadesan, Seevaratnam Pulidevan, Ramesh and their families were shot dead by genocidal Sri Lankan Army,under the direction of a sibling of Mahinda Rajapakse in May 2009 when they tried to surrender showing a piece of white cloth according to General Sarath Fonseka. Unmistakably, Vijay Nambiar was the one to negotiate the surrendering process and who was resolutely firm to say there was no need for UN to be present at the scene of surrender.

While UN questioned Sri Lanka about the killings of surrendered Tamil leaders, it conveniently failed to question its own chief of staff,Vijay Nambiar. Vijay Nambiar’s brother Satish Nambiar was a consultant to the Sri Lankan government in the initial phases of talks agreeing to a ceasefire.

Vijay Nambiar with familial connections to Ban Ki-moon and with personal links to India and Colombo, may also have contributed to the UN’s unwillingness to stop the Mullivaikkaal massacre, observers say.

France’s Ambassador, Gerard Araud, had later mentioned that India and China’s pressure on the UN Secretary General contributed to Ban’s caginess in taking action against Sri Lanka.

Observers say Vijay Nambiar under the cover of the authority of the Security Council admitted that  ”in between those UN’s mandates, there is a lot the UN Secretariat can do pro-actively, and that is the biggest challenge.” Vijay Nambiar remained passive and was ‘silently diplomatic’ with total disregard for the lives of innocent Tamil civilians.

While the recent Petrie report accused the UN of “massive and system wide failure to prevent the slaughter of an estimated 40,000 ethnic Tamils in five short months,” Holmes defended UN’s actions and criticized the report saying the UN faced “some very difficult dilemmas” at the time and could be criticized for the decisions it had taken, adding, “but the idea that if we behaved differently, the Sri Lankan government would have behaved differently I think is not one that is easy to reconcile with the reality at the time. “(Courtesy: TamilNet)

Ironically, Ban Ki-moon said that the UN report on its failure to protect civilians in Sri Lanka’s civil war will have “profound implications” for the global body and admitted that UN failed to protect its civilians.