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SRM University student invents Dosamatic

Chennai, Feb 15 (): An engineering student Eshwar Vikas at SRM University, Chennai has invented a magic Dosa maker that can prepare a dosa every 60 seconds.

When Vikas visited a restaurant in Delhi one day, he had an expensive dosa that came at Rs 110 and was surprised by the high cost when compared to the price of pizza, burger and doughnuts sold in the country.

He started thinking on why Indian food like dosa, puri and chappatis are sold at a higher price. Finally he came to a conclusion finding the reason for the higher cost  as these  Indian food items, are handmade and therefore needs talented people to cook which also involves extensive cost. At the same time, foods like pizza, burgers and doughnuts are made at a lower cost and are easily machine-made.

The electronic engineer started working on this part, and within a year he built two models. First he invented a medium-sized dosa maker as big as a microwave and named it Dosamatic and another one much bigger in size mainly for making dosas in large quantities. He called his invention, “dosa printer” which could line up dosas within a few seconds by just pressing a button.

The dosamatic which he invented for large-scale use costs just one-third of the present machines sold in the market that come at a cost of Rs 3 lakh, said Vikas. The engineering student from SRM University has now set up a company called Mukund Foods with the help of Indian Angel Network and a friend with an intention to adapt food production in the domestic sector and also to export the product to US in future.

Eswar Vikas hailing from Hyderabad had spent a total of 6 lakhs to put up his dream project that can yield nearly 700 dosas at a time.