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Veerappan’s widow pleads not to execute four associates

Chennai, Feb 14 (): Urging the government to change its mind by sparing the four associates of Veerappan, whose mercy petitions have been dismissed  by President Pranab Mukherjee,  Veerappan ‘s wife Muthulakshmi has requested the President to  show  mercy on the convicts.

Muthulakshmi pleaded to the President not to execute the four men saying that her husband was already shot dead by the Tamil Nadu police at Dharmapuri, and now hanging the other four associates is in no way doing justice.

Meesekar Madaiah’s wife Thangammal who is sixty years old, said that the rejection of mercy plea by the President came shocking to her this morning.  She also said that she met her husband six months back who has been lodged in the Karnataka jail, and was told by her husband that he will get released within a short period.

Adding that the news appears to be like someone breaking her head with a hammer, Thangammal expressed deep anxiety after she heard the news of the dismissal of the mercy petition by the President.

Though the rejection of the mercy petition might have brought distress to the families of the four men, the family members of the policemen who were killed in the landmine blast uttered happiness and conveyed their thanks to  President Pranab Mukherjee for his decision.

Mohd Jameed Ahmed, brother of Sub Inspector Shakeel Ahmed who was killed in the blast, said that his brother was a brave officer and he took a lot of effort to get justice in the case that has finally come out.

Following the execution of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, the families of the four accused fear the same fate will be carried out on the convicts, after the President refused to commute death penalty to life term. Sources said with the mercy petitions being rejected by the President, the four associates of Veerappan could be executed within the next 14 days.