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Independent watchdog slams existing ‘nepotism culture’ in FIFA

Sydney, Feb 9 (ANI): FIFA has been accused of promoting a culture of nepotism, by an independent body which was set up to fix the mode of operations of the international football governing body.

The commission stated that a lack of transparent structures and a culture of nepotism had affected FIFA’s reputation and has undermined its ability to demonstrate the ethical governance of the sport, News.com.au reports.

Although the commission had approved of the way in which FIFA had implemented initial steps towards the creation of a framework of good governance, including reforming its Ethics Commission, it stated that it is still unconvinced that some key football experts have completely understood the consequences.

The commission had recommended limiting the office terms of the president and members of the FIFA executive committee, along with an integrity check for all the committee members, in a bid to improve transparency.

It had also suggested that two independent FIFA members attend meetings of the executive committee.

The creation of the commission was announced in October 2011 by FIFA president Sepp Blatter, following of a series of damaging corruption allegations which rocked the organisation. (ANI)