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Google Vs Microsoft war of words on emails

Chennai, Feb 9 {): Again Google Vs Microsoft competition has surfaced. Those in the internet publishing industry know that Google displays related advertisements when a news or story is published. Now Microsoft has alleged that Google reads private emails in Gmail inbox. Is it true that Microsoft honors privacy and only Google violates it?

Recently estimated 1.4 million users have left Face book in December 2012. It is attributed to saturation in business and stiff competition from other social networking sites.

The social networking sites are always susceptible to the suspicion of stealing privacy. It is even more dangerous if it happens in emails.

The allegation of Microsoft is aimed at Gmail to promote its own email services. This time the campaign is to be in large scale asking the users to join it. Microsoft have credited themselves claiming that they do not read emails to show ads. Microsoft have launched the campaign by asking to sign online petition attacking the attitude of Gmail.

Microsoft perceives privacy intrusion when Gmail displays advertisement for lawyers who are specialized in divorce when a woman sends email to her friend about her proposed divorce.

But personalized advertisements are already part of the game in business. Therefore Google have replied that no human read emails. The Google algorithm reads not only emails but also all the web contents through their automated process. It is impossible to read everything by persons either directly or by outsourcing. This is open secret. However Google have to reiterate this to common readers who have poor knowledge about how Google or any other search engine works.

Google justify their advertisements since that is one way of offering free services. This is like free television channels are run through advertisement revenue. But whether the advertisement on the sides of emails could be a privacy concern is a question. If one sends mail about his plan to visit Mumbai, then the advertisement about travel agencies and transport services can be beneficial to the person.

The allegations against Google may be just a marketing strategy. The advertisement wars between Coca Cola and Pepsi could benefit both. Similarly the campaign now launched by Microsoft against Google may benefit both to sideline any other email service providers.