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Disneyland’s ‘Donald Duck’ accused of racial discrimination by black family

New York, Feb 9 (ANI): A black woman from Los Angeles has claimed that a person wearing a Donald Duck costume had racially discriminated against her children during a Disneyland trip in December 2012.

According to attorney Dan Gilleon, the lawyer for the family, the actor playing Donald Duck ignored the woman’s, Nastasia White, children Razzi and Ryder and instead played with white children, in a blatant brush-off, New York Daily News reports.

Gilleon added that he was also investigating a similar incident, in which another family claimed of racial discrimination by an actor playing Donald Duck in the Magic Kingdom resort in Florida.

Adding that the incident is not isolated, Gilleon said that he had received numerous emails and voicemails concerning similar incidents happening in Disneyland.

Admitting that the incident does not portray Disneyland as racist, Gilleon said that there are some people in the company who does not follow the rules and commits racial discrimination.

In a related incident, a back San Diego family has sued Disneyland in August 2012 for racial discrimination against their children by an actor playing the White Rabbit from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which is also being investigated by Gilleon. (ANI)