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Modi’s assurance prompts EU to end ‘boycott’, RSS indicates backing Modi

New Delhi, Feb 8 (): The informal boycott by the European Union against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi comes to an end after Modi assured the EU envoys in Delhi, making a promise that the 2002 riots would not be repeated.

In a meeting held on January 7, the Gujarat Chief Minister is believed to have assured the envoys that the 2002 riots would not be repeated and has also made a promise on the issue to the German ambassador.

The meeting proves noteworthy for Narendra Modi, who is set to play a bigger role in the national politics, with the informal boycott by the EU since the uprising of 2002. After eleven years, this was the first meeting between European envoy and the Gujarat Chief Minister following the 2002 riots, said sources.

Even after Narendra Modi was portrayed by the BJP  as its Prime Ministerial candidate, the Congress who is not willing has sought to project Modi as a state leader and did not agree to the proposal of the BJP saying that Modi has captured  Rahul Gandhi’s agenda of involving with the youth. It also ignored query saying whether the next Lok Sabha polls will highlight the tussle between Modi and the Congress scion.

Replying to the question, Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi claimed that whoever the BJP prefers, they can project as their Prime Minister as it is up to the BJP, but as Modi is the present chief minister of Gujarat, the PCC is likely to react to whatever Modi has said.

Alvi though hinted  that the Congress is eagerly waiting for Rahul Gandhi to become  the country’s next Prime Minister, he also said that the party will not announce its Prime Ministerial candidate  as it has to be decided by the party high command.

In a significant move, even the RSS on Thursday indicated supporting Modi as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate but at the same time reminded the party that it will have to take the responsibility in case of any consequences arising through its decision.