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Vishwaroopam fever grips as it releases tomorrow

Chennai, Feb 6 (): Kamal Haasan’s dream project Vishwaroopam is all set to hit 600 screens on February 7 across the state after the state government lifted the ban and Vishwaroopam fever grips all over Tamil Nadu.

The advance ticket bookings for the film are going on in a fast pace as huge expectations ride on the trilingual film.

Usually, Kamal’s movies create buzz among his fans, but, Vishwaroopam being a magnificent opus of Kamal, a big budget movie, the excellent promotion done before the release and DTH controversy before Pongal added additional buzz to his movie. Mainly the drama that moved the whole state for the past ten days has created a simply extraordinary buzz, not only among his fans but among all masses.

The movie was not banned in Kerala. The fans of Kamal Haasan from Coimbatore and Tirupur even crossed the inter-state border and crowded the theatres in Palakkad in neighbouring Kerala to watch the spy-thriller.

Kamal Haasan’s much-awaited spy thriller “Vishwaroopam” was released in the Hindi version in North India amidst much controversy in Tamil Nadu on February 1 and it has managed to win the heart of audiences. The popular opinion about the movie is that the film has nothing objectionable that has triggered a controversy. The film is excellent for its script, direction and the special effects used.

The opinion further says the movie never takes a stand on which God is greater, nor does it sort you a freedom fighter or a radical militant. The central message is that bloodshed will lead to more bloodshed.

Critic Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama said: “Terrorism is no longer confined to a particular province, district or state. It is a worldwide concern, affecting every nation in some way or the other. Kamal Haasan’s VISHWAROOP, therefore, is pertinent.”

Critic Subhash K Jha of IANS said: “First things first. Kamal Haasan’s enormously controversial film does not hurt Muslim sentiments.”