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Sherlyn Chopra loses Kamasutra 3D for uploading nude video?

Mumbai, Feb 6 (): Sherlyn Chopra, who uploaded her nude video clip of the film on her YouTube channel, without seeking the permission of the director of Kamasutra 3D, Rupesh Paul, is expected to be replaced by Hollywood stars, Eva Longoria or Mila Kunis for the film Kamasutra 3D, reports say.

Sherlyn Chopra has the fame of being the first Indian lady to have posed for the front cover of the magazine ‘Playboy’. She has currently irked the director, Rupesh Paul, as she has violated the rules put forth by the director.

Initially, Rupesh Paul made it clear to the actress that no video or clipping from the film will be uploaded on site but Sherlyn did not listen to him. She uploaded her nude video of the upcoming adult film Kamasutra 3D without his permission. Sherlyn Chopra’s behaviour miffed the director and reports say she was thrown out of the film.

Paul said in an interview with a leading daily that he was shocked to see the video. While sharing the video, he had specified to her that it was not for public viewing, but still she went ahead.

He added the team was so upset with her unprofessional behaviour that they had finally decided to throw her out of the movie. Instead, he said they had shortlisted Eva Longoria or Mila Kunis. The director feels Kama Sutra’s concept is more popular in West than in India so it does not matter if the actress is Indian or American.

The video was uploaded on January 22nd and the video clip went viral no sooner it was released on the net. It was highly viewed by her fans and the audience and in no time it got 117,856 views on YouTube.

The Indian model is upset on hearing the news, she wrote on Twitter: “If KS3D is destined to be mine…then no power on Earth can take it away from me..Best Wishes to Mila/Eva/other names on Mr.Paul’s wish list”.