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Shah Rukh Khan Muslim or Indian or Indian Muslim?

Chennai, Feb 3 (): The magnetic star of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan tops the celebrity list of Forbes India magazine. At the same time, his identity as an Indian by nationality and as a Muslim by religion has become a debatable subject again.

In an article in Outlook-NYT year-end issue Shah Rukh Khan spoke out about being a Khan. But it was misquoted and misunderstood as if Muslims are unsafe in India.

Subsequently Lashkar-e-Taiba founder Hafiz Saeed asked Shah Rukh Khan to migrate to Pakistan. This is clearly a provocative mischief against the Indian people irrespective of whether one is Muslim or Hindu. But the remark by Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik advising India to provide security to Shahruk Khan is a clear interference in the administration of India. India retaliated by an answer from Home secretary level by asking Pakistan to mind its own business.

The issue is projected to stamp this actor as a Muslim. This takes him to an international identity. Whereas stamping him as an Indian, restricts him to India. The fact is that he has already crossed both identities and is liked by people of all religious groups from many countries.

It is natural that the Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia identify themselves with Sharukh khan as a fan. This is in fact a reverse process. It is not that Shah Rukh Khan who identifies himself as a Muslim. It is also in the mass or individual psychology of men identifying themselves with hero while watching a film.

Deliberate efforts are made by the Islamic and Hindu extremist movements in Indian media to induce identity crisis to create confusion in Indian politics.

The Islamic movements in Pakistan interfere and the Hindu outfits make use of it to alienate Muslims in India. The Hindu extremists propagate that the Muslims in India encourage victory of Pakistan in case of India Pakistan cricket match. After introducing religion in Politics, Sports they are not willing to spare the field of Arts.

Lot of views from intellectual discussion to trash blogs are available in India about SRK and interference in his identity. Our Indian readers should also see what is said from across in Pakistan Media.

Pakistan Media Dawn compares Kamal Hsaasn and Shah Rukh Khan episodes and describes it as an increasingly knee-jerk “reactionary India”. Dawn has pointed out the irony of Kamal Hassan opting to leave India towards a secular country while Shah Rukh Khan would not do so. The article insists that both Shah Rukh Khan and Kamal Hassan are victims of “cultural terrorism”. Another blog from Pakistan has invited a reference to the protest by Shiv Sena and its allies when Hindi Actor Dilip Kumar ( original name -Yusuf Khan) received the Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest civilian award of Pakistan in 1990s. “Kashmir times “ indicates growing trajectory of intolerance in India from Shahrukh Khan to Kamal Hassan

There are converging and differing views from both sides of the border or Line of Actual Control , or if we imagine, the whole geographical area of the erstwhile greater India,

Now what could be the reaction of an average Indian who is neither right nor ;left, neither up nor down?

If India is intolerant to Muslims how Shah Rukh Khan can become a super star in Indian Cinema? How Muslims hold key posts in Indian Government? It is true that there is a political problem in Kashmir, Babri Majid was demolished, Innocent Muslims were killed in Gujarat riots. But such issues plague most of the Asian countries.

India is a democratic country and all are equal citizens. The constitution has provided adequately to follow any religion. Depending on the issue, enough importance is given for religious personal laws which are based on the scriptures, culture, custom and morality.

There are number of Indian celebrities who follow Islam.

Shah Rukh Khan is Indian. Following Islam is his birthright. That is enough to explain.