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Kashmir’s all-girls rock band quits after valley’s Grand Mufti issues fatwa

Srinagar, Feb 4 (): The all-girls’ rock-band  was lost for Kashmir on Monday after the girls decided to quit singing following the grand Mufti issuing a fatwa claiming that singing is anti-Muslim and not a practice of Islam.

The girls who stepped into a male-dominated field by appearing in public faced a number of online threats that forced them to take the decision to quit their participation any more.

After making a public appearance in the month of December 2011, the girls gave a sparkling performance at the annual competition, which received a number of online threats and abuse terming them to have brought bad name to the community.

The girls were issued a decree order yesterday by Grand Mufti Bashiruddin Ahmad who claimed that singing is un-Islamic that cannot be accepted by Islam. Ahmad also suggested the members of the all girls rock band of Kashmir to keep away from singing as it is not going to help them in performing any positive role in the society.

Criticizing the girls, grand Mufti Bashir-ud-Din said that women should always wear purdah whenever they make a public appearance. He also said that these girls are inviting men by wearing revealing clothes and should not blame the men if something ill happens in their lives

The valley’s grand Mufti while issuing the fatwa said that public performances by women were not only un-Islamic but obscene as well.

After the fatwa was issued against the girls, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir came in support of the girls dismissing the decree on his twitter and later removed the tweet.

The People’s Democratic Party in the hilly area also came in support of the girls and also demanded the state government to provide security to the girls.  This was the first time when three teenage girls formed the first all girls rock band “Pragaash” and also were successful in winning the best award in their first public appearance.