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Vishwaroop a super hit in North India,controversy ends in TN

Chennai, Feb 3 (): “Am extremely happy and pleased with the response of the Hindi version of Vishwaroop in North India”, actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan said  after returning to Chennai on Saturday.

The Hindi version of the film which was released on February 1 in more than 1000 theatres in North India has received good amount of response by the audience, who were gladdened by the film. No demonstration or controversy over the screening of the film was held in the northern part, claimed Haasan. A number of Bollywood actors have expressed their  admiration for the film, especially Salman Khan, who compared the film on par with international standards.

Meanwhile Kamal Hassan has finally reached a settlement in accordance with his film ‘Vishwaroopam’ that was banned for the past ten days in Tamil Nadu. He announced that he has agreed to  cut seven scenes in the film late Saturday. Haasan who was believed to have agreed to four cuts earlier, has now agreed to three more cuts in Saturday’s meeting that took place between the filmmaker and the protesting Muslim organizations.

After the meeting, Kamal Haasan told reporters that he has agreed to mute the sound at certain places according to the demand made by the minorities. The edited version is expected to be released after it is placed before the censor-board for their approval, added Kamal Haasan.

Kamal Haasan, accompanied by his brother and co-producer S Chandra Haasan met the Muslim leaders and came to a conclusion after a six-hour long meeting, seeking an end to the ban on the movie.

The matter has been settled amicably and the members of the Federation of Islamic Movements have also agreed to call off the protest against the film and withdraw cases against it. With such an arrangement, the ban on the film is expected to be lifted soon making its release feasible in the state.

The actor also agreed to withdraw his writ petition against the state government’s order to suspend the screening, and also indicated that he will be meeting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalitha to thank her for the efforts taken by her in supporting him.