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Bar Rafaeli’s passionate kiss ad with geek for Superbowl censored

New York, Feb 2 (ANI): A super Bowl ad featuring Bar Rafaeli kissing a geeky extra has been censored, as it was deemed too hot for television.

The domain registry supersite, known for its racy advertising, dropped the preview of a Super Bowl advertisement on Thursday.

The 30-second spot featured the Israeli supermodel kissing a geeky extra, the New York Daily News reported.

It’s not just a peck on the cheek. Rafaeli and the actor playing tech geek Walter, go into full liplock mode for eight seconds as the camera zooms in.

Apparently, the spit-swap got a little too intense for CBS’s censors. The original two versions of the commercial, which feature a close-up of tongue action, were rejected for being “indecent,” according to the Today Show.

The one that will run Sunday is a less passionate version that cuts out the tongue shot.

Rafaeli, 27, who once dated Leonardo DiCaprio, represents the “sexy” part of GoDaddy’s “perfect match” equation. Walter, played by actor Jesse Heiman, is the “smart.”

The couple did 65 takes of the kiss, Heiman said.

GoDaddy claimed that Heiman felt he had won “the championship of men.”

The commercial will run in the first quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl game. (ANI)