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Vishwaroop – Review

Mumbai, Feb 1 (): Vishwaroop, the Hindi version of Vishwaroopam, is a showcase for Kamal Haasan’s wide-ranging skills. The versatile actor, Kamal has at all-time given some engaging, entertaining and brilliant films, which would have strong messages and make the audience think. And his latest attempt too is technically dazzling and outstanding.

The most important aspect and the first impression felt was Kamal Haasan’s hugely controversial film, Vishwaroop, does not hurt Muslim sentiments.


3.5 / 5


Cast        : Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Upendra, Andrea Jeremiah, Jaideep Ahlawat, Shekhar Kapur

Director    : Kamal Haasan

Producer  : Raaj Kamal Films International, Chandra Haasan, Kamal Haasan

Music       : Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy


The movie starts with Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) talking to her psychiatrist about her husband Vishwanath aka Wiz (Kamal Hassan).

Nirupama, a medicine student and Vishwanath alias Wiz, a Kathak teacher, get married. Their married life goes well without any exchange of love between them. All is fine till Nirupama desires for more and she wishes to go out of the arranged marriage. She finds no complaint or reason to leave him.

Finally, Nirupama decides to find out something bad about him to feel better about her decision to part. She feels every male must have a flaw. She hires a detective to trace him and find out any fault on him. Wires get cross-connected and all hell breaks loose. What happens next? What type of person is Wiz? What does Nirupama discover about him? All secrets will be revealed once you hit the big screen.


Kamal Haasan dominates the show with three different avatars – the timid dance teacher, the cool spy and a terror camp trainer. He is perfect in each of them.

Kamal essays all the role with perfection, especially his walk, look, expressions are amazing and in his latest attempt too he has proved that he will always be remembered as one of India’s finest actors.

The transformation from an elegant dance teacher to an agent as well as the background story linking the jihadis are skilfully combined in the screenplay and executed by the storyteller, with the rapid pace, brisk unfolding of events and acting of Kamal all make the package beautiful and mesmerising. Vishwaroop is for sure the best amongst his finest works.

Pooja Kumar is charming and has given a pleasant screen presence.

Andrea Jeremiah exactly fits her given role.

Rahul Bose as the one-eyed Omar is in top form.

Zarina Wahab and Shekhar Kapur provide good support.

The Afghanistan set pieces are especially effective and it has been shot excellently, which provide a good showcase for cinematographer Sanu John Varughese’s skills.

Special effects by Kevin Chisnall and Matthew Stratton are up to the mark.

Director Kamal Haasan makes his narration steadily, sharply and ‘Vishwaroop’ starts with a gripping story and continues all through.

The merits of the movie come from the magic shared between the magnificent talents and performance of Kamal Hassan, his foreign technicians and the confidence of Vishwaroop team.


On the whole, Vishwaroop is purely a Kamal Haasan show all the way and is a must-watch.