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Kamal Hassan gets relief, Jayalalithaa to help him release Vishwaroopam

Chennai, Feb 1 (): Actor-filmmaker Kamal Hassan has virtually ruled out moving the Supreme Court against the upholding of the ban by Madras High Court for the release of his movie Vishwaroopam as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has offered to help him over the issue in releasing his mega film in Tamil Nadu.

After the Hindi version of the film –Vishwaroop was premiered in  Mumbai, Kamal Hassan held a press conference yesterday where he told media-men that he is grateful to Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalaithaa who has offered to help him. Now that she is there to help, he said he is thankful to her and asked why should he approach Supreme Court now.

Kamal added that she is an artist, has understood and has come forward.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Thursday said the hurdles could be cleared for the screening of the movie if leaders of Muslim organisations and Kamla Hassan  could reach a  compromise on the objectionable portions of the film. At an impromptu press conference held here, Jayalalithaa said that the government of Tamil Nadu will do everything possible to facilitate such an agreement as there is no question of curbing freedom of speech.

Jayalalithaa further stated that it is not any kind of political vendetta as portrayed in media and Kamal Hassan is not her rival in any way. She said that with Kamal Hassan agreeing to delete certain objectionable portions from the film,the Muslim organizations are now  in a mindset to accept the film.

Jayalaithaa said that under Section 7 of the Tamil Nadu Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1955, the State government has full powers to impose ban on a film. Yet, in the case of Vishwaroopam, the State government had only applied Section 144 of the Cr.PC as the government wanted hot tempers to cool down which justifies the ban to maintain law and order situation in the State.

Jayalaithaa also slammed DMK chief Karunanaidhi for using the opportunity to politicise the issue. According to the state government, it was a matter of law and order situation, and not a political problem, said Jayalalithaa.

Kamal added that there is no religion for him. There are only people for him and that he loves them –the Muslim community. He requested India – Muslim brothers, Christian brothers, Sikh brothers to avoid such things as  we have so much more to do to take India forward.

Kamal Hassan further said he was deeply touched by the overwhelming support. He described the support he received from the Muslim community as ‘unbelievable.’