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It was my leg in The Graduate’s poster, says Linda Gray

London, Jan 31 (ANI): Linda Gray has admitted that she is the woman behind the leg that appears in the poster for ‘The Graduate’.

The iconic promotional image for the 1967 movie shows a young Dustin Hoffman eyeing up an anonymous stocking-clad leg.

But instead of belonging to the film’s female lead, Anne Bancroft, that leg was actually that of Gray, who began her career as a model before finding fame as an actress in the Seventies, the Daily Mail reported.

The actress, now 72, spoke about shooting the photo on Anderson Live.

She told the television host: “I think [Anne Bancroft] was absent that day… I don’t know. I got paid 25 dollars, one leg.”

Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville, who also appeared on the show, told her that is the best bit of movie and television trivia, because the world thinks that it was Bancroft’s leg. (ANI)