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Indian Railways’ latest delicacy is ‘Rat Biryani’

New Delhi, Jan 31 (): A family from Gujarat, who were retuning back from Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu & Kashmir, was upset when they came to know that they have been served with a rat in the vegetable biryani which they ordered from the pantry of the Sarvodaya Express.

The couple from Gujarat, Nilesh Patel and his wife Veena ordered vegetable biryani from the pantry of the Sarvodaya Expres for their seven-year old son. To their utter shock, they found a cooked rat inside the food. The boy who dug a spoon into the rice found some heavy object in it. When the boy’s father tried to help him, he found a cooked rat inside the rice.

A total of 300 pilgrims from Ahmedabad who were returning from Vaishno Devi had ordered food from the pantry of the train.

The passengers expressed shock over this unhygienic attitude of the railways and had a confrontation with the railway staffs. The pantry staff at once made an attempt to throw the remaining food but was recorded in the cell phone by the travelling passengers. When the argument between the passengers and the railways went out of control, the railway police intervened to bring the situation under control.

Nilesh Patel later filed a complaint against the pantry manager who apologized and agreed to take up the responsibility for sick passengers, in case of food poisoning.

The passengers demanded the pantry manager to give a written letter that he would take the responsibility for the passengers in case of any infection due to the unhygienic food served to them. The incident created hullabaloo in the train when the passengers could not be convinced and also demanded compensation from the railways.

After the shocking incident, Patel and his family vowed not to order food from the railway pantry henceforth.