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Aadesh Shrivastava launches album ‘Global Sounds of Peace’ in Mumbai

New Delhi, Jan 31 (ANI): Music composer and singer Aadesh Shrivastava recently launched his latest album ‘Global Sounds of Peace’ in a live concert in Mumbai.

The launch of the album, which features artists like Akon and Super star Amitabh Bachchan, saw performances by some of the well-known names in the music industry such as Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, Kailash Kher and many more.

Speaking at the occasion, Big B enlightened the importance of music in today’s world and claimed that music is good for all of us as it connects us to the almighty.

“Music is good for all of us as it connects you the almighty. There is some

connection, when we listen to Lata Mangeshkar you feel as if it is connecting you to the almighty. So music is really important,” the legndery actor said.

Singer and composer Mahadevan asserted that it is very important to have such a concert in today’s world as music is a very powerful medium through which we can spread peace.

Meanwhile, singer Shaan also appreciated the concert saying that the event is very special for all music lovers.

“Today’s event is very special for all music lovers and for those who can feel music. It’s special because it’s world music, world orchestra, every thing is new and original,” he said.

“We all are performing together at such a big stage. We are spreading the message of peace so it’s a historic evening for all of us,” the 40-year-old added.(ANI)