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Rajnath Singh dares Shinde to ban RSS, BJP

New Delhi, Jan 28 (): BJP president Rajnath Singh yesterday attacked Sushilkumar Shinde over his “Hindu terror” remark, and said that the Home Minister had hurt India’s reputation by his comments.

Challenging Shinde to ban the RSS and BJP, Rajnath Singh dared to arrest all their leaders if the Home Minister found any sort of evidence against any of their organizations.

Threatening to continue the campaign of demanding the dismissal of Shinde, Rajnath Singh made clear that the party will make an issue about Shinde’s remark in the Budget session of Parliament in the coming month. He also raised question over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President remaining mum on Shinde’s comments.

While responding harshly to Shinde’s statement, Mr Singh in an interview stated that if Shinde has evidence against RSS and the BJP stirring up terrorism then he is welcome to arrest the BJP members and ban the party.

Rajnath Singh asked Shinde to produce the evidence against RSS and BJP indulging in terrorist activities and put all the leaders behind bars if he has the guts.  Shinde preferring to woo the minority voters had played vote-bank politics, said Rajnath Singh.

Acting in response to Home Secretary R K Singh quoting some names regarding the bombings in support of “Hindu terror” remark of Shinde, Rajnath Singh claimed that the RSS being a huge organization it is possible sometimes someone might have attended the camps.

Condemning Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed taking advantage of Shinde’s remark, Rajnath Singh expressed his deep concern over the comments of an Indian Home Minister being supported by the most dreadful terrorist who waged a war against the country killing several innocent people, and the ruling government has nothing to say on this.

Criticising Shinde for degrading the national pride with his remark, Rajnath Singh said it is indeed regrettable as the Prime Minister and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi maintain silence on issues relating to national pride.