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Pro-Telangana protests intensify in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Jan. 28 (ANI): Pro-Telangana protests intensified in Hyderabad on Monday against the Central Government deferring a decision on whether Andhra Pradesh should be split to create a separate state.

The angry pro-Telangana protesters here tried to break police barricades today as they made their way to Indira Park, where a large protest is being held. They also clashed with the police personnel on duty.

Hyderabad Police is on alert in wake of the ongoing protests.

K.T. Rama Rao, leader of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), which has been spearheading the agitations for the state, said the government should announce a decision and not delay it any further.

“We knew that the attitude of the government would remain the same. We condemned the attitude of the government in the past also. We demand the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government to take a decision; you saw what happened in Hyderabad, your parliament member, who came to express solidarity with us, the Telangana people are upset with him too,” said Rama Rao.

The TRS has threatened to intensify its stir for a separate state a day after Centre deferred its own January 28 deadline, evoking sharp reactions from the pro-Telangana groups.

“We request the government not to delay it any further and they should announce a date and take this decision soon. If they want to give Telangana or not, they should announce it, so that the public can decide the future course of action,” he added.

Congress Party today played safe on the Telangana statehood demand, saying it is a very sensitive matter and a decision in this regard would be taken at an appropriate time.

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said the sentiments of the people of Andhra are attached to the Telangana statehood issue.

“The Telangana issue is a very sensitive issue. It is an emotional issue. Sentiments of the people of Andhra are attached to it. Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is the in-charge of Andhra Pradesh, has already given his statement in this regard. At an appropriate time, the decision will be taken and will be announced,” he said.

The BJP and the Left Parties have hit out at the Congress-led UPA II Government for deferring its decision on the Telangana issue and asked it make its stand clear on the concerned matter.

Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde made it clear on Sunday that a decision on the contentious Telangana statehood demand will be delayed further, as the government needed more time to arrive at a final decision on the issue.

Shinde had set a one-month deadline for a decision in December when he had invited two representatives from each party to know their views afresh on the Telangana issue in New Delhi.

The meeting was held to bring out the views of all parties on the demand to create a separate Telangana state.

The four-decade-old demand for Telangana, which is to be carved out of the economically less developed part of Andhra Pradesh, gathered momentum after the Congress party ruled government accepted the demand in principle. (ANI)