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Narendra Modi discusses 2014 Lok Sabha elections with Rajnath Singh

New Delhi, Jan 28 (): Congratulating Rajnath Singh for being elected as the new BJP President, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday met Rajnath Singh and held a two-hour-long discussion at Singh’s residence here in New Delhi.

 While talking to media persons, Modi said that he had a long discussion with Rajnath Singh asking his suggestion if BJP’s Gujarat unit can be useful in the service of the country. He also sought the BJP president’s guidance regarding the matter and said that they also discussed about the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

When Rajnath Singh was asked about the motivation behind the sudden meeting, he replied that on the day of his being elected as the President of BJP, Modi congratulated him over phone but promised to meet him later in Delhi. The day had come and we both discussed about Gujarat and the 2014 elections, said the BJP president.

Rajnath Singh however tried to escape from the question whether Narendra Modi will be portrayed as the party’s prime ministerial nominee, to which Singh replied angrily, that the party has already given the answer on this.

After the conclusion of the long meeting, both Rajnath Singh and Modi accepted that they had long and detailed discussion on several matters particularly about the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It was a quite elaborate discussion about several issues, said Modi who had lunch with Rajnath Singh at the party president’s Ashoka Road residence.

Both the leaders exchanged views and ideas about the future plans, to rebuild the party’s profile and to stand ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, which the BJP expects to be earlier than scheduled.This was the first meeting between the two senior BJP leaders after Rajnath Singh’s appointment as the party president.

Till the last moment Nitin Gadkari the former president of the BJP who earlier appeared to clinch the second term was forced out of the race for his involvement in the dubious transactions of his Purti Group.