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BlackBerry unveils new higher spec handset to take on Apple, Samsung

London, Jan 28 (ANI): Embattled Canadian mobile maker Research In Motion (RIM) has launched its new higher spec BlackBerry handset in bid to claw back ground lost to Apple and Samsung.

The smartphone has been in decline in recent years largely due to the popularity of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Experts, however, predict that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 (BB10) should prove popular in the face of the competition, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the paper, an expert who has used the device ahead of the launch said it would appeal to both businesses and consumers as it had ‘high specifications’ that allowed users to do ‘good stuff in a couple of clicks’.

Malik Kamal-Saadi, principal analyst with Informa, said the new operating system (OS) on the two expected handsets was a ‘trump card’ that could see it win back customers lost through the poor performance of the previous BlackBerry 7 phones.

But he added that the software was similar to the first generation of iPhones in being so radically different it may take people a little while to get used to it, the paper said.

He added that investors will ‘leap into the sky’ if BB10 sells over four million units in the first three months on sale, but sales of between one and two million would be acceptable. (ANI)