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5 Chennai students ragged, attacked brutally by seniors at SRM University

Chennai, Jan 28 ():In an alleged ragging incident at SRM University, five students were harshly beaten up and attacked ruthlessly  by thirty seniors in two different incidents the first one occurring  on January 19  and the second one on January 24, said sources.

The college management however refused and claimed that no ragging incident had taken place within the college premises. The boys who were attacked said that the management refused to file a case against the accused as they said that the seniors have tendered an apology.

The incident took place on January 19 when Gautam Mahto,  Akhil  and Krishna were in a canteen in Adyar,  when they were attacked by a group of  students with sickles, knives and iron rods. A few days later, on January 24 again Gautam,Sai Nitin and Shashin Ram were attacked  by one more group. In the attack Shashin Ram was badly attacked in which he had a severe head injury. His right arm was also fractured in the attack. Krishna was smashed in his nose and had tremendous blood loss. While Akhil was admitted to SRM hospital with 13 stitches, Nitin had internal injuries.

The boys claimed that they were ragged by their seniors; when they refused to obey they were attacked. However SRM University registrar N Sethuraman said that only one incident took place and it was not ragging. Sethuraman also said that the management was not willing to create hatred among the students after the victims said that they had no ire against any one.

A complaint was filed by the students who were attacked on January 19, but had to withdraw the complaint after college authorities opposed to it. This caused a second attack by the seniors in which three more students were injured.

Gautam expressed displeasure and said that he is not willing to continue in the college as the college is not taking any action against the seniors and also threatened to expel them if they filed a police complaint.