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Vishwaroopam Vs Enthiran – Kamal Hassan Vs Rajinikanth

Chennai, Jan 26 (): If we compare Vishwaroopam with Enthiran at the same time Kamal Hassan with Rajinikanth we can understand why Kamal faces the trouble now in releasing his own film.

The Tamil film industry has long been plagued by professional rivalry. Whether it is Actor Vs Actor, Director Vs Director, Producer Vs Producer, Music Director Vs Music Director, knowingly or unknowingly the rivalry was cultivated.

The competition, publicity, the psychology of the fans are the reasons to the development of a virtual rivalry or real business tactic.

For a longer period MGR Vs Sivaji Ganesan fueled a competition while these actors were friendly with each other. There might be some practical difficulties in their field to confront each other professionally. They were actors who openly supported or member of political parties. They were pitted against each other for political reasons too.

Later Kamal Hasan Vs Rajinikanth led to a competitive production and release of Tamil films. Both were talented but of different genre. Rajinikanth elevated himself as a super star in Tamil Nadu although he was an outsider geographically to the state. Kamal Hassan who remained in the Tamil film industry right from childhood was not able to match the magnetic power of Rajinikanth. There was a competition without any personal rivalry.

Rajinikanth chose to be a mass hero, Kamal chose a path of experiment with visual media to show his acting talents. Initially his talent in dancing helped him a lot. Both were invited to Bollywood but never cared to concentrate on that segment.

Rajinikanth acted in a Hollywood movie taking him to the west. His original Tamil film dubbed in Japanese took him to the east.

Tamil film industry has grown to cater a world market with Tamils living in many countries. Globalisation brought English films to Tamil Nadu with dubbed versions. Tamil films went to national level with dubbed versions. Again Rajinikanth was successful in Enthiran in dubbing the films in Indian languages. The business was grand and huge taking Rajinikanth to new levels. The aging factor has not affected Rajinikanth in elevating his career.

Kamal Hassan although is called as a “ World hero” by his ardent fans was not able to make it big in national or international levels. His attempt in Dasavatharam, acting in 10 roles failed miserably.

Under these circumstances, Kamal has produced the film Vishwaroopam with a theme of terrorism in the background of USA and Afghanistan to capture the imagination of national and international audience. But the film is now embroiled in controversies locally and is conceived as anti-Muslim film.

Rajinikanth was intelligent in selecting science fiction which can appeal universally and cater to the people of all age groups, language groups or religious groups. He joined with Shankar in Enthiran. He follows the pulse of the people. That is why he can make good appeal on political issues.

But Kamal has miserably failed to feel the pulse of the people and concentrated on exhibition of his own talents. People already know Kamal Hassan is better in acting talents when compared to Rajinikanth.

But if Kamal Hassan had produced Vishwaroopam in an attempt to one-up-man-ship with Rajinikanth, he has to blame himself. He has lost again.