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Playback singer Janaki rejects Padma Bhushan award

Chennai, Jan 26 (): Renowned playback singer S. Janaki has refused to accept `Padma Bhushan’ award, one of the top most honours of India, given to her this year by the Government stating it “too came too late to her.”

On speaking to the reporters at a marriage occasion on Saturday in Srikrishnapuram near Palakkad, she said that she had refused the Padma Bhushan award given by the government. She has been singing for five decades and a half and she considers the recognition of her fans in various languages as the highest award.

The singer said she was not finding mistake with any one for this late recognition and has no complaint against the government. Yet, she was happy that the Government has honoured her.

She said that she was 78 years old and had sung more than 15,000 songs in different languages – Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and had received appreciation from the people from all regions. And she considers the appreciation from the people as the highest award.

After considering her achievements, she said that she should have been given the highest civilian award of `Bharat Ratna’ if the government wanted to recognize her work. She was not interested in any other awards like the Padma awards.

Janaki feels that the Padma Awards are dominated by the North Indians and she considers this thought as a partiality against South Indians.

She said the “Indian Government should show some more consideration to the artists from the Southern parts of the country in recognizing their talents and contributions.” At the age of 78 years, she feels it is better to honour her after her demise.

The veteran singer has won the National Award four times and is a recipient of the Kalaimamani award by the Tamil Nadu government.

Her son Murali Krishna, said over phone that his mother has got the award too late. She should have got it long time ago and now she had refused to accept the award with due respect.