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Plans for world’s largest underwater hotel sets sail in Dubai

London, Jan 26 (ANI): Dubai could soon become home to the world’s largest underwater hotel.

The Water Discus hotel has been designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) with the help of Swiss firm BIG InvestConsult AG, the Independent reported.

The hotel will comprise of two discs – one under the water, and one suspended above the water.

The discs will be connected by five legs, and a vertical shaft in the centre housing stairs and a lift.

The underwater section will be up to 10 metres beneath the sea surface, and contain 21 double rooms adjacent to a dive centre and a bar.

Each room has been designed to “integrate with the underwater world as closely as possible.”

Due to the modular design of the hotel, the Water Discus can be transferred to a different place in case of environmental or economic concerns.

The surface discs have been designed to be buoyant and detachable from the main structure, to act as lifeboats should any natural disaster strike.

Bogdan Gutkowski, President of BIG, believes that the project will have an impact on numerous areas as well as the tourism industry in Dubai.

This underwater project is by no means the first attempt at sub-marine construction or indeed an underwater hotel – the Maldives Rangali Islands resort has one underwater suite, and there’s also Jules Undersea Lodge, which is the only underwater hotel in the US – but it is by far the most ambitious yet. (ANI)