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Karnataka Governor says will not ask CM Shettar to prove majority

Bangalore, Jan.26 (ANI): In an apparent U-turn, Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj on Saturday said there was no threat to the state government and that he would not ask Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar to seek a vote of confidence in the state assembly.

“I will not ask the Shettar government for a vote of confidence. Thirteen MLAs resigning does not pose a threat to the government,” a television channel quoted Bharadwaj, as saying.

According to a CNN-IBN report, Bharadwaj added that Shettar had assured him of good governance.

“I will address the budget session on February 4. If more people resign, then we may have to think of that,” he said.

On Friday, Bhardwaj had said that he would ask Shettar to prove his majority and summoned the Vidhan Sabha on February 4.

Hours later, Shettar claimed that he had not been asked to prove his majority, but that the discussions with Governor Bharadwaj had centered around the MLAs resignation. He added that the had told the Governor that he had the numbers.

On Friday, Governor HR Bhardwaj had said that he would ask the CM to prove his majority in the Vidhan Sabha on February 4.

Meanwhile, sensing opportunity, the Congress asked Shettar to prove majority.

“It is high time that the government should prove its majority or go home,” AICC general secretary B K Hariprasad said.

Hariprasad, who is from Karnataka, alleged that there was no governance and the “resignation drama” has worsened the situation further. (ANI with inputs)