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Governor Bhardwaj: No threat for Shettar govt, no need to prove majority

Bangalore, Jan 26 (): Quashing the earlier statement, Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj on Saturday said that there is no need for Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar to prove his majority as the resignation of thirteen MLAs is not likely to cause a threat to the ruling BJP government.

Claiming that Shettar has promised him of good governance, Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj said that he will announce the budget session on February 4 and might rethink of the decision if some more MLAs decide to quit the party.

Earlier on Friday Bhardwaj who was quoted saying in news channels that he would ask Shettar to prove his majority, made a reverse statement the very next day saying there was no threat to the state government and that he will not ask Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar for a vote of confidence.

Taking advantage of the situation, Congress attacked Shettar government saying it is the right time for the BJP government in Karnataka to prove its majority or go home, said AICC general secretary BK Hariprasad.

Assuming that there is no proper governance in the state of Karnataka, Hariprasad said that the resignation drama by the Yeddyurappa loyalists has further deteriorated the situation.

Meanwhile, the Legislative Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah is still found to be out of the way due to which thirteen MLAs who were waiting to submit their resignations had to take a short cut route in reaching the speaker through e-mail.

Yeddyurappa loyalist MLAs had to use the route after the Speaker disappeared all of a sudden and remained absent for long in spite of being informed previously about the MLAs’ decision to submit their resignations.

In the e-mail sent by the MLAs, it was mentioned requesting the presence of the Speaker at the earliest so that it enables them to submit their resignation letters in person. They also requested the Speaker to kindly intimate them the date and time of his arrival.