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Agassi bats for tighter anti-doping controls in ‘cleanest sport’ tennis

Sydney, Jan 26(ANI): Andre Agassi has urged the authorities to have even more tighter anti-doping controls as he reflected on his own battles with drug abuse, and the American added he feels tennis is one of the cleanest sports.

The four-time Australian Open champion on Friday returned to Melbourne Park for the first time since 2005, urging authorities to maintain their vigilance, the Herald Sun reports.

The Las Vegan said he was shocked, saddened and disappointed by Lance Armstrong’s doping admissions on the Oprah Winfrey program, and he admitted he had partially destroyed his own life by using drugs during a glittering career.

Agassi said if he had been subjected to greater scrutiny, he might not have used drugs, saying tighter measures would have saved few years of his life.

Agassi added that the tighter the anti-doping measures are in tennis, the better it is for the sport.

The eight-times Grand Slam champ said he believed tennis was one of the cleanest sports in the world and expressed marvels at Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal’s ability to handle five-hour matches.

Agassi said when he played, his whole game was based on playing with that sense of urgency and to force guys to be ballistic out there, to treat a marathon like a sprint.

Agassi said modern-day athletes are much better equipped to face and tackle the rigors of modern day sport, which is highly competitive. (ANI)