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Vishwaroopam ban: Rajinikanth’s press release backs Kamal Haasan

Chennai, Jan 25 (): Kamal Haasan’s 100-crore mega project Vishwaroopam has yet again faced a set-back regarding its release. The release has been stayed by Madras High Court for another two weeks.

The recent controversy erupted concerning portions of Vishwaroopam alleged to contain anti-Muslim, anti-Quran content that earned the ire of the Muslim community. The Muslim organizations came together and sought a ban on the release of the movie. In the wake of this protest and fears of law and order problem in Tamil Nadu, the Madras High Court had stayed its release.

Kamal Haasan had expressed he felt hurt and insulted over the recent ban on his much-expected movie.

Against this backdrop, his friend and long-time associate in the film industry, Superstar Rajinikanth has come to Kamal’s aid through a press release dated 25.01.2013 in which he had appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu, especially the Muslim community to work out a favourable solution for the ongoing issue.

Rajinikanth’s appeal, translated as below:

I am deeply pained by the recent developments around release of Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam. I am fully aware of the fact that my long-time friend Kamal Hassan is not a person who hurts anyone’s sentiments. We know the kind of respect Kamal Hassan has for our Muslim brethren from his readiness to screen the movie for the representatives of Muslim organizations considering their pre-release request.

I am grieved to understand the amount of hardship he would have faced in producing a film of such a great magnitude.

Kamal is not any ordinary artist but an extraordinary one who is a real force in taking Tamil cinema to the international arena. Considering all these facts, I appeal to all my Muslim brethren to change their outlook seeking total ban of the film and find a favourable alternative to this issue through a productive discussion with Kamal Hassan once he is back by making essential changes to the film that does not affect the story line.

I close this with Milad-un-Nabi greetings and by requesting my Muslim brothers to be supportive of Kamal Hassan for the release of Vishwaroopam.

Jai Hind! 

(signed Rajinikanth)