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IT raid in Gadkari companies,RSS rethinks its decision

New Delhi, Jan 23 ():When Nitin Gadkari is just about to seek a second term as BJP president, Income Tax department launched on-field  investigation in a total of  nine locations in Mumbai belonging to alleged shell companies related to Nitin Gadkari’s Purti group.

Though the sudden inquiry by the IT department had sent shock waves, Gadkari was strong in his intention to achieve a second term as party president saying that it is the UPA‘s wicked intention to create confusion in the BJP ranks.

Mr Gadkari who was summoned by the department of Income Tax has requested for extending it till February 1 saying that he has a tight schedule regarding the party president election.

Claiming the inquiry to be a highly questionable move by the IT department, the BJP leader blamed the Centre of ordering I-T surveys to damage his presidential prospects.

Sources said the re-election of Mr Gadkari appears to be hanging now as the RSS who assured its support for a second term for the BJP president is now rethinking its decision.

Earlier the RSS was strong and disregarded suggestion given by senior leaders including LK Advani who raised question saying that a leader tainted by graft could ruin the party’s image as the country heads into next year’s general election.

Following allegations against Gadkari’s Purti Group that surfaced in the Nagpur wing’s investigation, the Mumbai I-T wing on Tuesday analyzed seven companies and established  routing of money into Gadkari’s Purti group.

The companies were scanned by the Mumbai Income-Tax wing which has their addresses listed in Mumbai. The Nagpur wing is likely to take the investigation once the Mumbai wing completes its probe, said the official of the department.

Meanwhile, the Purti group has claimed that no raid was carried out in its firm and issued a statement asserting that it was an inquiry done on companies that invested in Purti.