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28pc Brits swoon over soft Irish accent

London, January 23 (ANI): The Irish accent is the most popular in Britain, a new survey has revealed.

More than a quarter of people questioned said that they would prefer a soft Irish lilt to any other manner of speech practised in the British isles.

Women were particularly keen on the accent with many saying they enjoy listening to the words of singer Danny O’ Donoghue from Irish band The Script and One Direction’s Niall Horan, the Daily Mail reported.

The least attractive was the Essex accent, popularised by the stars of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ like Amy Childs, Mark Wright and Gemma Collins, and it scored just one percent.

The West Country accent used by TV presenter Justin Lee Collins and comedian Russell Howard came second with nearly a fifth of the vote.

The Geordie accent from the north-east – popularised by TV hosts Ant and Dec and singer Cheryl Cole – came third with 17 percent.

The Birmingham accent, spoken by comedian Frank Skinner and rock musician Ozzy Osbourne came second to bottom. Only two percent confessed it was their favourite.

The survey, conducted by online casino RoxyPalace.com, asked 1000 people to name their favourite accent.

A spokesman for Roxy Palace said a person’s preference could be down to both upbringing and celebrity preference.

The top 10 British accents are:

Irish – 28 percent

West Country – 19 percent

Geordie – 17 percent

Mancunian – 11 percent

Glaswegian – 8 percent

Scouse – 6 percent

Yorkshire – 5 percent

Welsh – 3 percent

Brummie – 2 percent

Essex – 1 percent (ANI)