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Left Front cites threats from TMC in wake of Panchayat polls in West Bengal

Kolkata, Jan. 21 (ANI): Citing threats of violence from the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders and supporters ahead of panchayat elections in West Bengal, the Left Front on Monday approached the Election Commission (EC) and asked it to take proper measures to conduct elections in a free and fair manner.

There are reports that the state government wants single-phased early panchayat polls in February this year.

Left Front chairman Biman Bose said TMC leaders, including ministers, are passing comments that the opposition should not be allowed to participate in the election during their campaigns. Therefore, considering the threat perception from the ruling party, the EC should take proper steps to ensure free and fare elections.

“The leaders, including ministers of the ruling party, are passing comments that opposition parties should not be allowed to participate the election. Considering the threat perception from the ruling party, the EC should conduct the election in a manner that the electorate of the state can pass their opinion freely according to their judgment,” said Bose.

“It should be also mentioned that these election would be not held through EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), people will cast their votes through ballet papers. More than fifty thousands representatives will be elected through these elections. So, it is a huge affair and judging all the parameter and the real situation at the ground level, we feel that it should be conducted in at least three phases,” he added.

Biman Bose also emphasised that the EC should not conduct the elections before the month of April, So that it can take elaborate measures to ensure a peaceful and healthy election.

“While there may be talks to hold the polls in February, considering the lengthy procedures involved for the polls we do not think they will be possible held before April,” he said. (ANI)