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Swansea’s Angel Rangel receives praise after helping homeless people in city

London, Jan. 20 (ANI): Swansea City’s Angel Rangel and his wife have been praised by fans after driving around the snowy streets of Swansea on Friday night looking for homeless people to help.

The Premier League defender had tweeted his 24,000 followers on Friday night asking for suggestions of where to go because he had “restaurant food going spare”, reports the BBC.

He later tweeted “it was just a little gesture” and was his wife Nikki’s idea.

They are reported to have ended up at a homeless shelter in the city.

Fans have since taken to social media to praise the actions of the pair, with one saying Rangel is in danger “of giving footballers a good name”.

He tweeted saying he was amazed at the amount of tweets they received, and thanked his fans.

The gesture caused something of a sensation on Twitter among football fans.

It was reported Rangel and his wife had been at a sandwich chain when the manager said he would have to throw food away because it was closing for the night.

They were eventually invited to a homeless shelter after the tweet did the rounds on social media.

Rangel has been a regular in the Swansea side this season and has been a popular figure among fans since signing in 2007. (ANI)