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Maharashtra theatres screen one-minute clip on Bal Thackeray

Mumbai, Jan 20 (): In an attempt to pay tribute to the departed Shiv-Sena chief Bal Thackeray, a total of more than two hundred theatres in parts of Maharashtra have started playing a clip on the late leader from Saturday for one-minute before screening the movie that will be viewed after the national anthem using digital signals from UFO and Scrabble, till Thackeray’s birth anniversary on January 23.

Abhijeet Panse, president of Bharatiya Chitrapat Sena suggested theatres to screen the one-minute silent film as a mark of respect to the departed Sena leader from the party’s cine wing, claimed a senior Shiv-Sena leader.

The shot is likely to be played in nearly 200 to 250 theatres, which the censor board also approved, said Akshay Bardarpukar, president of Maharashtra Cine and Television Sena. Theatres who received the clip are screening the film, but many have not yet received, said Cinemax.

This development has come after witnessing an internal power tussle among the Sena units at Nashik Kolhapur and Auranagabad in the past couple of weeks claiming that the Sena will no more exist putting a question mark on the party’s prospects.

Following the reports of power dispute within the party, the Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray clarified yesterday that he will not sleep till he takes the party one step ahead.

Claiming that he is the son of that great leader whom the entire Maharashtra salutes, Uddhav assured the people that he will successfully take the party one step forward than his father Bal Thackeray. It is the work of those people who wish the party to end, said the members of Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena under Uddhav Thackeray  has been  playing a major role in the national politics opposing the Pakistani women’s cricket team to visit India and has  also successfully sent the hockey league players back to their country after the brutal killing of two Indian soldiers at LoC.