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SETC of Tamil Nadu to introduce bus with pantry,toilet on Coimbatore-Chennai route

Chennai, Jan 19 (): Just miles away is the dream coming true for the people of Tamil Nadu, as the state government is likely to introduce long-distance luxury bus services soon with toilet and pantry facilities, on the busy Coimbatore-Chennai route.

The State Express Transport Corporation (SETC) of Tamil Nadu is being customized by a private bus body building unit in Karur that has started modifying two Ashok Leyland buses with facilities like highly sophisticated toilets, pantry, live television and Wi-Fi.

It is a dream project for the Tamil Nadu government which has been planning for long to introduce a luxury bus with all internal facilities, said a senior SETC officer.  Motivation behind introducing such a luxury bus is to offer the passengers exclusive and specialised treatment equal to air travel facility ,who otherwise opt to fly or make a journey on luxury class on trains, said the officer.

The bus is likely to hit the roads within a month and will be equipped with highly elegant German toilets and sliding doors, said the officer. A similar bus which was launched in Karnataka earlier faced the problem of foul-smell coming out from the toilet to the cabin of the passengers making the journey problematic for the travellers.

The Tamil Nadu buses will be importing German toilets containing smell filters and tight stainless steel tanks to avoid foul smell unlike Karnataka.  The luxury buses are expected to accommodate forty passengers and will be provided with charging points for mobiles and laptops.

Besides all these facilities, store rooms, dust bins and pantry services will also be provided inside the bus, claimed the senior SETC officer. The SETC has preferred Ashok Leyland buses with custom-made facilities and has taken final decisions after discussing with experts.

Similar buses will also be operated on Chennai-Tirupathi and Chennai-Madurai routes later.  Though the passengers will have to pay a little more than the private buses, they are ensured a comfortable journey equal to air travel in which coffee and tea, as well as all types of snacks will be provided, said the SETC officials.