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Lance Armstrong opens up to Oprah

Texas, Jan 19 (): In an interview with Oprah Winfrey that was aired Thursday, cycling legend Lance Armstrong admitted that he had doped throughout most of his famed cycling career and that he bullied people who dared to tell the truth about it.

In the first part of his interview, he said that he doped because he wanted to. It was impossible to win without doping. He even blamed his cancer for his illegal use of testosterone.

But he feels no guilt. Guilt is an emotion that occurs when a person believes that they have violated a moral standard. He perhaps feels no guilt because he had no moral standards. He said nothing was too much, nothing was too wrong, only winning mattered him always.

Winfrey’s much-anticipated interview started with a rapid-fire series of “yes” or “no” questions that saw Armstrong declare to use the blood-booster EPO, blood-doping transfusions, testosterone and human growth hormone.

Armstrong said he started doping in mid-1990s but didn’t when he finished third in his comeback attempt. The interview revealed very few details about Armstrong’s performance-enhancing treatment that could surprise anti-doping officials.

He said he did not use banned drugs when he returned from retirement in 2009, and was clean when he raced in the Tour de France in 2009 and 2010. Lancer said the last time he “crossed the line” with banned substances was in 2005, his last victory in the Tour de France.

He also added that he didn’t believe he could have won any Tour de France without doping. Hours before the interview with Oprah was aired, Armstrong was also stripped of his 2000 Olympic bronze medal by the International Olympic Committee.

On Thursday, before the interview started the OWN cable channel ran a countdown clock during regular programming ahead of “Oprah and Lance Armstrong: The Worldwide Exclusive.”

The interview was also watched online by viewers from as far as Britain, Singapore, South Korea and Brazil according to comments on Oprah.com. Winfrey herself termed the sit-down with Armstrong as “certainly the biggest interview I have ever done in terms of exposure.”

A second hour of the interview taped earlier this week in Texas will be shown on Friday.