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Delhi Police: Rapes in Delhi on the rise, recommends reducing juvenile age to 16

New Delhi, Jan 19 (): Though Police statistics claimed that other types of heinous crime such as murder and robberies were on a decline  last year, there has been a sudden rise in rape cases that has increased by 24% as 706 rape cases were reported  in Delhi when compared to 572 cases in 2011.

In addition to this, 727 cases of molestation were also reported in 2012 when compared to 657 cases in 2011, said the police record. In most of the rape cases, the accused were known to the victim, claimed the Delhi police.

According to Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar, the rate of conviction in rapes in Delhi is too high when compared to national rate. At the same time the commissioner also claimed that crimes like dacoity, kidnapping for ransom, hurt and house theft has been reduced in Delhi.

Vehicle theft cases have tremendously come down for the second consecutive year, said the Commissioner.  A total of 14,391 cases were reported when compared to 14,668 in 2011.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police also suggested amending the law to reduce the age of juvenile from the present 18 to 16 years in wake of the ongoing debate on the issue of juvenile offender who was one of the accused involved in the brutal gang-rape and torture of the 23-year-old paramedical student who died last month after thirteen days in hospital.

While addressing the annual conference of Delhi Police, Commissioner Neeraj Kumar admitted that it will be a better idea if age of juvenile is reduced to 16 years than 18. Delhi police has also suggested by writing to the concerned authorities recommending for reducing the age of juvenile.

It was learnt that the Delhi Police in its charge sheet has mentioned about the juvenile to be the most brutal offender who abused the girl and her friend in the bus on the fateful night of December 16.

However, though the boy’s school record showed him to be below 18 years of age, he is currently undergoing bone density tests to confirm his exact age so that he will be tried in a regular court like the other offenders in the case who might even face death penalty.