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Congress begins ‘Chintan Shivir’ in Jaipur

Jaipur, Jan 19 ():The two-day-long session of the ruling Congress has started in Jaipur, where the Congress is footing the bill for the “Chintan Shivir, an urgent need to reform the criminal justice system and ensure swift punishment to the accused who indulge in sexual assault against women.

Getting a face-lift for the event, Congress, which rules the state will debate among other things and will also focus on better party-government coordination on key policy. The aim of the government will be to form a stable government.

While addressing the event, Congress president Sonia Gandhi said that the last nine years had witnessed tremendous growth and social change, where new and interesting challenges were being noticed in which a number of youth joined the party that revealed the party’s priorities.

A number of proposals and preparation are also likely to be discussed in the event as the ruling government at the centre is conscious that there is a tremendous resentment in urban India and that the party is in a dire need to draw its attention on these sections of the society.

Following the dreadful incident that took place in Delhi last month where a young paramedical student was gang raped in a moving bus, the ruling party has decided to focus more on gender issues which has taken a new slogan to Jaipur “Pehle mahila ka samman, phir Bharat nirman” – ‘First respect women, then build-up the country.’

The party is aiming to reach out to people of all age groups and educate the rising challenges like variety of expression provided by tools like Twitter and Facebook, said Information and Broadcasting minister Manish  Tewari.

Mr Tewari admitted that it is true that the emerging social media are the tools that provide information to crores of young people, but at the same time it is also technologically non-believer. With the adoption of the Jaipur Declaration, the Chintan Shivir will be coming to an end on January 20.