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Consider punishing rapists with forced impotency operation

New Delhi, Jan 18 ():The slow track judiciary may set up fast track courts for speedy delivery of justice. One should wonder why we have landed in fast track courts?


The death penalty now awarded for a sixty-year old man for raping and killing a three-year old in 2011 is the result of recent public anger forcing fast disposal of the case with capital punishment. If the Delhi bus incident had not occurred how this case would have been dealt is left to our imagination. What is the use of awarding death penalty to a 60-year old man who is nearing 63 years, an average life expectancy of an Indian? It is no more than a natural death.

Recently, BJP leader Sushma Swaraj made headlines by suggesting to bring 10 heads of Pakistanis for one head of Indian. Due to practical difficulties in human anatomy having only one reproductive organ as against two for some other parts, it is better to concentrate awarding punishment targeting that one which resembles 1. That one gives men over women the advantage of force in having sexual intercourse either by consent or by thrust.

Yes, our suggestion is to punish that part of human being which enabled the man to do violence against the weaker sex. This should be combined with solitary confinement for few years instead of awarding death penalty. This is one way of awarding a penalty which will be effective more than a death penalty.

Those human right activists who oppose death penalty, now cannot argue that a man is having a human right with his —- to rape a woman. The suggestion may look like the one which was imposed by Hammurabi for disfigurement of human body as a law of retaliation best described as “Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth.” The Babylonian king lived from 1792 BC to 1750 BC and imposed the above code. From then to till date, no law has prevented or effectively punished rapists.

But if we have to keep our culture and civilization intact with basic moral values, it is better we think about new ways and means for acceptable justice. This must be discussed in Parliament and necessary amendment should be made in Indian constitution to protect our women from men of animal behaviour.

I have a suggestion for the bill to be prepared for enacting a law “ Bill for forced impotency operation for rapists”. Others can suggest any other name or idea.