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Thalaiva – title for Vijay movie makes ripples

 Thalaiva - title for Vijay movie makes ripples

Ilaya Thalapathi, actor Vijay has approved to name his film,“ Thalaiva” meaning roughly “Oh, my leader.”

With A.L. Vijay directing actor Vijay, the title issue was undecided despite the starting of shooting. The presence of SSS i.e senior actor Sathyaraj, comedian Santhanam and Suresh should add spice along with Amala Paul taking the role of Thalaivi, the heroine?

In one of his earlier films which was not successful there was a song saying that Vijay was the handsome Tamil man (Azhagiya Thamizh Magan). This time the title song calls Vijay “ Oh my leader, Oh my leader.” G.V. Prakash should have tuned it for a fantastic dance by Vijay.

Now S.A.Chandrasekar, father of Vijay who has not ruled out the political ambitions of his son is careful in selecting stories and titles. And also title songs?

It is definitely going to bring a debate about Vijay’s political entry which will go on as long as Rajinikanth’s entry into politics is dragged.

Few years back when Vijay was named ” Ilaya Thalapathi” meaning ” Young Commander” the DMK men expressed displeasure since that title Thalapathi was reserved for their leader M.K Stalin. By coincidence, the DMK is proposing Stalin as ” Leader” of DMK to take the mantle from Kalingnar Karunanidhi right at this time.

In the last assembly elections, Vijay made some ripples in organizing meeting for a public cause.

One more view is that this title is going to challenge actor Ajith’s fans who call him fondly “ Thala” meaning “Head.”

Some may not know that Thala and Thalaiva had already acted together in a film “Rajavin Paarvaiyile” in 1995. The latest comment from Vijay says that he is ready to act with Ajith if the script and director are acceptable to him.

Well, if such a combination works out, we have a suggestion for title “ Thala Thalaiva.” When will it become a reality?

O.K. Right now, no one knows why the official banner shows the back of Vijay instead of face? Let us wait and see in the film to get excited when he turns head and smiles stylishly for a wonderful opening in the first scene.