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Sharjah Civil Court orders release of 17 Punjabi boys charged with murder

Amritsar, Jan. 17 (ANI): Decks have been cleared for the 17 Punjabi boys who are lodged in Sharjah jail in connection with murder of a Pakistani national, as the Sharjah Civil Court on Thursday announced the release of all the boys.

The order came after the remaining two boys paid also paid the compensation as ‘blood money’. The court had already cleared 15 boys.

Rs.27 lakhs will be paid as compensation money or the ‘blood money’ to the victim’s family by Dubai based hotelier and philanthropist S P Singh Oberoi.

“The court got closed for the day after the decision. We will submit the compensation money in the court on Sunday, and the court will remove the travel-ban from all the 17 boys,” said Oberoi.

“The death sentence has already been waived off. The civil and criminal case is cleared and they have completed their punishment as well”, he said.

These boys were arrested in connection with the murder of a Pakistani national Misri Khan.

The Sharjah Criminal Court had awarded capital punishment to all of them on Death Sentence July 20, 2011, but Oberoi submitted the compromise documents to pay blood money, the court accepted it and waived off their Death Sentence and warded them two-year imprisonment.

After that their case has been transferred to Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi and they have been awarded another 6 months of Imprisonment BY Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)