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Pak Taliban vows to avenge killing of former chief Mullah Nazir

Islamabad, Jan. 17 (ANI): The Pakistani Taliban have said they would avenge the killing of their former chief Mullah Nazir and expressed the determination to continue the mission of their former leader.

According to a pamphlet in Urdu, distributed in Wana Bazaar, stated that Mullah Nazir’s killing did not weaken them, but has made them stronger. They reiterated the resolve to carry forward the mission of their former chief Mullah Nazir by following in his footsteps, reports The Express Tribune.

The Taliban further said that there is no disunity among their ranks and are more united than ever by proving helpful to each other.

The Taliban added that they stand firm under the leadership of new commander Salahuddin Ayubi and other commanders, which include Commander Malang, Haji Tehsil Khan, Haji Ainullah, Taj Muhammad and Muhammad Shoaib.

The outfit warned people to refrain from roaming outside without identification document and without any purpose. The pamphlet also said that there will be no pardon for robbers, kidnappers or other criminals and they will be awarded strict punishment. (ANI)