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Kumbh Mela to generate Rs12000 crore for UP

Allahabad, Jan 17  () : Kumbh Mela, the religious gathering said to be the largest in the world is expected to generate Rs 12000 crore for the UP exchequer. In addition, FMCG companies are estimated to do business of Rs 1500 crore in two months’ time.

On the first day itself, 10 million people took a dip in the Ganga on Monday. The mela provides six lakh jobs in various sectors and neighbouring States to get tourist inflow.

Harvard School’s various disciplines have sent out teams to study the organization of the event which attracts 150 million people.

Weeks before the mela starts, construction of shelters for pilgrims starts. Seven lakh semi pucca tents complete with drinking water through newly laid pipes are fixed. A super speciality hospital to treat the sick, around 70 police stations and equal number of check posts, 40 fire engines ready to face any emergency are part of this new city.

Harvard Dept of Public Health, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Divinity are studying how this mini city is created and functions and how it dismantles itself after the mela is over.

State supplies 25,000 tons of food grains to feed the pilgrims. The biz students are amazed that this city that is created for the mela is as large as Paris, New York and London put together. This efficient management coming from UP babus, known to be the most lethargic has baffled many.

Pepsi and rival Coke have already spread out their stalls and mobile coolers while Parle and brands like Amla whose base is more in rural India have set up shops. Not to be left behind, Star and Sony are airing Hindi serials through giant screens.

Documentary makers and film crews from abroad have already set camp. Hotels are doing roaring business and sadhus are minting money posing for the lens men. The revenue from tourism in UP would touch Rs 1500 crore.