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Jayalalithaa attacks Karunanidhi -“ An agent of North Indian Imperialism”

 Jayalalithaa attacks Karunanidhi -“ An agent of North Indian Imperialism”

Chennai, Jan 17 (): Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa after  inaugurating the memorial for  John Pennycuick, the British engineer who built the  Mullaiperiyar Dam in 1895 has quickly issued a statement with a scathing attack on Karunanidhi, her political opponent.

The AIADMK leader Ms. J.Jayalalithaa has written a detailed letter to the cadres of AIADMK. In this letter she has described the history of AIADMK which was founded by MGR against the political conspiracies of DMK chief Karunanidhi.

In a heavily critical language as usual, Jayalalithaa has reiterated how Karunanidhi has acted as an evil force against the interests of Tamils and Tamil Nadu.

On the eve of 96th birthday celebrations of MGR, Jayalalithaa has compared the good qualities of MGR as against the bad behavior of Karunanidhi. She has declared that she will conquer the conspiracies of “ Hitler Karunanidhi” with the blessings of MGR on her side.

Jayalaithaa has described how Karunanidhi used the Congress party for his own personal interests in the past and present. She feels that Karunanidhi is influencing his alliance with Congress party to go against her and Tamil Nadu and insult her.

The following are listed as commands by Karunanidhi dictated to Congress-led alliance government to go against the interests of Tamil Nadu:

– Do not supply electricity to Tamil Nadu
– Do not allot kerosene to Tamil Nadu
– Do not record Cauvery Tribunal order in Gazette
– Refuse financial resources to Tamil Nadu
– Set roadblocks to all development projects of Tamil Nadu

After listing all those commands by Karunanidhi, Jayalalithaa surprisingly has alleged seriously by using the term, ”North Indian Imperialism.” She painfully says that “ the evil force is acting at the behest of North Indian imperialism”. She has pointed out that this is against the basic principles set by Annadurai, the founder of DMK and the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. This term assumes significance since this was the theme based on which Dravidian movement was built up in the formative stages. The other themes include Brahmin domination and Hindi imposition.

The allegations of Jayalalithaa are similar to what was recently alleged by Cho Ramasamy against DMK and in favour of voting for Jayalalithaa in the upcoming Parliament election.

With reconstruction of Anna Arch and MGR Samadhi in Chennai, it appears Jayalalithaa is turning towards the core Dravidian vote bank after winning over Tamil activists in Eelam issue.

AIADMK is now all equipped and has got well-defined objectives and strategy for Parliament elections. Her opponents are still caught in internal troubles in parties, having coalition calculations leaving behind the principles and policies of their movements. Not enough.

It is Advantage Jayalalithaa now.