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‘Eyebombing’ latest craze to take over cyberspace

London, Jan 17 (ANI): If you have ever wondered what Downton’s Lord Grantham would look like with googly eyes, try “eyebombing”.

Archie McPhee’s Celebrity Googly Eyes is a site that takes a light-hearted approach to all things celebrity – and googly, the Daily Mail reported.

Whether you are male or female, fact or fiction, dead or alive – if you are rich and famous, Googly Eyes is not afraid to add silly animated eyeballs to your photo for their entertainment.

The site uses plain photos or moving images in ‘.gif’ format, for added comic value.

The craze for “eyebombing” is following in the virtual footsteps of planking, owling, fridging and milking and gaining a cult online fan base.

Originally the trend was to “eyebomb” inanimate objects like Christmas trees and ice creams and it has grown to include vintage pictures and now to paparazzi shots of celebrities.

You can even submit your own creation by creating a googly celebrity picture, posting it on your tumblr site and tagging it “celebritygoogly.” (ANI)